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Ljubljana has been the cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative center of Independent Slovenia since 1991. We found Slovenia and its people to be lovely and wished we had more time to see more of this diverse and vibrant tiny country.

Since its independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia has made remarkable progress in industry, commerce, sports and arts.

The main attractions of the old town including the Town Hall, Ljubljana Cathedral, the Robba Fountain and the Central Market are located around a large central square.

A pedestrian zone follows the banks of the Ljuljanica River and encompasses the major attractions of the city.

A funicular rises from the old town center to the Ljubljana Castle complex, a medieval structure rebuilt several times over the centuries and now used as a cultural venue.

Ljubljana is known for its dozen picturesque bridges, including the Triple Bridge, the Fish Footbridge, the Butcher's Bridge and the Dragon Bridge.

The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, with its red façade, is one of the most striking attractions in Prešeren Square. 

Wandering the back streets offered a glimpse of the earlier more difficult times in Slovenia's history.

Ljubljana has significant cultural attractions such as a national gallery and theatre while  also hosting many alternative arts and literary organizations.

Fiaker, open horse-drawn wagon rides have a long tradition in  Slovenian towns.


The traditions of basket weaving and of suha roba, or woodenware, includes the crafting of kitchen items, spoons and decorated spoon containers.

Statue of martryed Mayor Ivan Hribar at Shoemaker's Bridge

One of the dragon balustrades of Dragon Bridge

Musician performing at Cobbler's Bridge

There are hundreds of sculptures and statues throughout the city and numerous performers on the streets.

All attractions in Slovenia are within a 2 hour drive from Ljubljana, from the Adriatic Sea to the mountains of the Posavje region.

The Slovenian countryside is beautiful, dotted with rich farmland and well-kept villages.


We used comfortable public buses to travel into and around Slovenia.


Lake Bled is a tourist destination in the Julian Alps. It is known for its pretty island, its castle and its hiking trails. There was an international rowing competition at the time we were there.

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